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    Launch Event in Waterstones Perth for Abigail Returns – A suspenseful mystery that’s not short on romance

    The 2nd of June saw a family, friends and books lovers alike gathering in Waterstones Perth for the launch of Abigail Returns.     I was beyond thrilled that Waterstones hosted the event and just as thrilled to see everyone who came along including those who started out being supporters of both genres of my writing and have now become friends.   Kept informal, we chatted over a drink and enjoyed book talk until it was time for the doors to close.    A massive thank you to manager Nick, Ewan and the rest of the team at Waterstones Perth for another fantastic launch!     Abigail Returns was officially…

  • Mom's Favorite Reads March 2023 edition The Power of The Picture Book by Pauline Tait Author
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    The Power of the Picture Book – as published in Mom’s Favorite Reads March 2023 edition

    My article from the Kids Carousel section of the March 2023 edition of #1 international online magazine, Mom’s Favorite Reads, can be read in full below.   The Power of the Picture Book by Pauline Tait (Novelist & Children’s Author) Picture books have the power to enrapture children. To feed their imaginations and ignite their creativity. All while momentarily transporting them to distant worlds. Whether fiction or non-fiction, a picture book can be powerful, educate, instil morals, and send positive messages all while introducing friendly, loveable, inspiring characters children will adore. Equally, a villain in a story can encourage empathy. As children cheer on the underdog, willing them to overcome their…

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    Covering Important Issues

    Being a writer in the 21st century means we are active on multiple social media platforms. I use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and, it was an article on Twitter that has resulted in my latest blog piece, which I have also shared as part of my recent newsletter. On 9th July this year, the Post Office tweeted, “like many victims of abuse, Jane hid her cash away as an escape fund from her abusive relationship #SaveOurCash.” It was the hashtag #SaveOurCash that resonated with me. And when I clicked on their link, it took me to a Post Office web page dedicated to the cause.   The very need for this tweet…

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    Why are libraries essential?

    The Society of Authors has asked authors if they would offer their support and get behind CILIPS in supporting their campaign to save our libraries.  The children’s author within me became rattled that this question even had to be asked and, before I knew it, my fingers were rattling off the keyboard. My memories as a young child combined with my experiences as an author meant that I reached their five hundred word limit rather quickly but, hopefully, through the power of words, my message can be added to others and the value of our libraries and the dedicated librarians within them can be heard. In any case, I thought…

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    This week, it’s Library visits!

    Granton Library, Edinburgh – Monday 15th May I was back down in Edinburgh today, this time to meet the P1 pupils of Granton Primary School within Granton Library. The warm sunny weather meant we could have our event outdoors in the library garden adding to the atmosphere. Thank you all for the warm welcome and for so many enthusiastic questions.     The Bridge Library, Glasgow – Wednesday 15th May Thank you for having me along to The Bridge library today to meet P2 pupils from St Benedict’s Primary School. It was a pleasure to read my latest picture book, The Fairy in the Kettle Gets Magical, and to answer…