The Fairy In The Kettle’s Christmas Wish

2023 Winner – The Golden Wizard Book Prize

The Fairy in the Kettle’s Christmas Wish adds a festive theme to this beautifully illustrated 5-Star picture book trilogy.


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“The Fairy in the Kettle is a series that has captured my heart.” – Louise Jane, CEO The Golden Wizard Book Prize


Book Two

The Fairy in the Kettle’s Christmas Wish


It’s finally Christmas Eve and Bramble Glen is covered in a thick blanket of snow. As Leona and her friends gather to plan their Christmas, Leona is determined that her first Christmas in her precious kettle will be the best one yet. But, as the fairies hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, things don’t quite go to plan.

Will the fairies be able to decorate Leona’s kettle in time for Christmas? More importantly, will all the fairies make it back to their beautiful fairy village in time to celebrate together?


With 4 & 5 Star reviews this beautifully illustrated picture book has been praised for promoting friendship, Christmas Spirit, and determination.


‘The best Christmas books are those that capture the magic and joy of the holiday, and this one certainly delivers! I enjoyed it immensely, as I do all of this author’s works. It is a wonderful read, full of excitement and charm.

The story ends with a surprising twist, which readers won’t see coming. It really encapsulates the wonder of the season and the cheer and miracles that only this time of year can bring. It would be a lovely way to get children into the festive spirit, especially now that winter is almost here and we can all look forward to those special days off work or school with our families.

I highly recommend adding this cheerful tale to your library, as well as the other books in this series. They are all incredibly beautiful reads!’
– Louise Jane, CEO The Golden Wizard Book Prize


“The Fairy in the Kettle is, by far, one of the most wonderful children’s books that I ever have read or reviewed.”

“Once again, Pauline Tait has given us a wonderful story of true friendship along with page after page of enrapturing illustrations. The story is enchanting, mesmerizing and delightfully told.”

“This is a wonderful book for younger children and would make a great holiday gift this season. I would also like to recommend the previous book by this author, The Fairy in the Kettle.”

“A wonderful addition to anyone’s collection of Christmas stories.”

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