Becoming an Author – encouraging primary aged children to write their own stories

As an author, I often visit primary schools where I read my books and talk to children about writing.


Children are always full of wonderful questions and we talk about both their writing and mine. I can guarantee, that at some point during the visit, I will be asked how do I write my stories? And, my answer is always the same…I create a skeleton!


This response has always resulted in a mixture of confused faces and giggles. But, I do create a skeleton! And, by downloading my Becoming an Author article, you can see exactly how I do it and encourage your little ones to create a skeleton of their own….creating their own unique story as they go. Just click here to download my Becoming an Author article.


I have drawn on my own experiences of working in primary learning support, using the current curriculum, to create this article.



Added –I’ve had great feedback on this activity but thought you might like to see a joint effort between a brother and sister. Big sister Freya is the author, and she has used my beginning, middle, and end instructions. While little brother James was the illustrator. I love how it has resulted in them working together! Thank you so much for sending me pictures 🙂