The Fairy In The Kettle

Children are taken on a magical journey to the heart of Bramble Glen in this 5-Star picture book series. Here they discover fairies, their beautiful village, and Leona’s rather unusual home.

Perfect for 3 to 7-year-olds!


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“The Fairy in the Kettle is a series that has captured my heart.” – Louise Jane, CEO The Golden Wizard Book Prize


Book One

The Fairy in the Kettle


Leona knows she is lucky. She has wonderful friends and family and she loves her precious kettle, a place filled with adventurous fun. Leona fills her days dancing, listening to music, and decorating her kettle.

However, how will Leona and friends cope on one particular wild and stormy evening when their fairy village turns into a nightmare…?

Leona is blissfully unaware of the dangers outside as the wind and rain lash against her kettle. Is this just a winter storm or are the fairies actually in grave danger? Leona and her friends will soon find out…


With 4 and 5 Star Reviews, this beautifully illustrated picture book has been praised for promoting kindness, thoughtfulness, and being true to yourself.

“Tait has created a wonderful wee story for little ones, that is fun to read aloud, and with a really magical sense of fun in the illustrations (quite a different style to many kids’ books, but lovely). There are also some really nice and healthy themes bubbling away underneath. Great stuff all around.”

“The Fairy in the Tea Kettle is one of the most beautifully illustrated children’s books I’ve read in ages! That alone would reason enough to purchase this delightful story for any child, but the story is beautiful as well!”

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