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“I was completely absorbed by the author’s gift for writing children’s literature.” – Louise Jane, CEO The Golden Wizard Book Prize


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Since publishing my first book I have gone on to be an award-winning and bestselling author, writing both children’s picture books and suspenseful romance. I have mentored authors alongside my writing and was on the editorial team of the #1 bestselling online magazine, Mom’s Favorite Reads, before becoming Editorial Manager for the #1 bestselling online magazine for writers, Writers’ Narrative.

Specialising in children’s writing, I help authors with both picture books and chapter books.

Using my experiences and knowledge from working in Primary Literacy Support, and my knowledge of children’s publishing, to help ensure manuscripts are as appealing and marketable as possible when authors reach the stage of looking for an agent or publisher. Or, if self-publishing, ensuring books stands out from the crowd.

There is much more to writing a children’s book than simply writing the story. There are many factors to take into consideration to ensure a book is marketable and meeting the accepted and expected standards in children’s publishing. Ensuring you are following these standards will stand your book in better stead when it comes to getting your book on to the book shelves of major retailers such as Waterstones and Barnes & Noble as well as independent book shops who are limited for space. 

Whether you are at the beginning of your author journey or a seasoned author in need of a check up to ensure your manuscript is ticking the relevant boxes, a Power Chat or Mentoring Session could be for you. More details below…


Pauline Tait, novelist, children's author and Writing Mentor to children's authors


Initial Power Chat – £100

One hour Initial Power Chats are ideal for assessing where you are in your writing journey.

This initial chat will highlight areas where you are meeting the accepted and expected standards in children’s publishing. Crucially, we will also identify areas where you require further guidance. To book a Power Chat, click here.


1:1 Mentoring Sessions – £150

One hour Mentoring Sessions are perfect for authors who need guidance in their journey or need help in ensuring their manuscript is meeting the accepted and expected standards in children’s publishing. We can work together to ensure you become clearer about the publishing expectations required within your chosen genre and ensure your manuscript and the production of your book stands out from the crowd.

We can cover:

  • Meeting the accepted and expected publishing standards within your chosen genre.
  • Character development.
  • Vocabulary – ensuring it is age appropriate. This will increase an author’s chances of holding author visits within schools and book shops as well as making your book more appealing to book shops.
  • The power of illustrations and how to use them.
  • Learning the tricks that will give a traditionally published LOOK to a self-published book.
  • Preparing for publication.
  • Attention to these details can help in the future if an agent or publisher is looking at a self-published author’s back library.

Where needed, those taking part in the 1:1 sessions will also be given relevant contacts, where possible, to help them move smoothly through the various steps of their publishing journey and author career. To book a 1:1 Mentoring Session, click here.



Writing Mentor for Children's Authors Pauline Tait novelist and children's author


Group Masterclass

Writing picture books and chapter books for 5 to 8 years.

Group masterclasses are available for writing groups. More information upon request.






‘All in all a fabulous morning spent with you, and the mentoring was like gold dust!‘ – Helen M. Books


‘I attended a masterclass on writing children’s books with Pauline Tait a couple of months back and it blew me away. In such a short period of time, she made it all so clear, so DOable, and I left feeling inspired and clear on the steps I would need to take. Pauline is so encouraging and knowledgeable I highly recommend her to guide and mentor you on your authoring books for children adventure.’ – Dr Kathrine McAleese, Author, Coach, Speaker, Psychotherapist, Sociologist.


‘If you’re looking for guidance on writing children’s books, I wholeheartedly recommend Pauline Tait. Her expertise and wisdom is invaluable, and will provide you with the perfect toolkit to create your own children’s book.’ – Helen Morrish, Author and Illustrator.


‘Pauline’s Master Class was insightful, inspiring and full of helpful tips. As a direct result, I have a picture book coming out later this year.’ – Heather Peck, Crime Writer and Children’s Author.


‘I attended a workshop with Pauline during a writers’ retreat and she offered a wealth of useful advice and experience on the process of developing and formatting a children’s picture book, including what it is like to work with an illustrator. Pauline’s experience in primary literacy support is also invaluable when it comes to understanding what children need from a book and what motivates them to read. Pauline is a great listener, extremely supportive, and has a great deal of experience and advice to offer on the process of self-publishing. I can highly recommend her as a potential mentor.’ – Helen O’Sullivan, Children’s Author.


‘Pauline is an excellent writer who is a successful author with her romantic suspense novels and her children’s books.
She has a great deal of knowledge to impart to any writer looking for a mentor to help them write books for young children. Her years working in primary literacy support has given her the skills and understanding of what children need when reading, and also what motivates them to read. Pauline’s caring and patient personality, her ability to listen and advise using the knowledge she has built up, makes her the perfect person to mentor anyone looking for guidance in writing their first children’s book. She can also guide people in their expectations about publishing.’ – Lis McDermott, Author & Poet


‘Pauline is not only becoming a very successful author with a dedicated readership for both her children’s books and her romantic suspense novels, but Pauline is also a fantastic mentor and adviser when it comes to working with budding children’s authors or those who are looking to write more in the children’s sector. Pauline has a huge wealth of knowledge, both in terms of what schools and parents look for when choosing books for their young children and also in terms of what retailers look for and expect in the children’s book market. Pauline is a patient, understanding and compassionate listener and adviser. I would recommend any children’s authors looking for some guidance on where to begin and to elevate their children’s books to go to Pauline as their first choice.’ – Isabelle Knight, Brand Strategist & PR Consultant