The Maren Bay Series

Abigail Returns – Book One


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Abigail Returns Romantic suspense romance mystery The Maren Bay Series Book One


The blurb…

With just over a decade missing to Dissociative Amnesia, and a newly broken heart, Abigail finds herself with no choice but to return to Lochside. The supposedly idyllic home on the Isle of Skye she had fled so dramatically six years before.

And while struggling to find her way in a world she can’t recall, she must battle the conflicts of the present with the shocking secrets she uncovers from her past.

Jamie’s support is invaluable, but how much does he know? Greg is loving and attentive, but does he have an ulterior motive?

Meanwhile, the presence of a stranger on the island shakes Abigail to her very core. With no memory, she can only trust her instincts as she strives to build a life and a future she can call her own.

But Abigail soon discovers the stranger’s trail leads far too close to home.

A riveting novel about new beginnings and second chances.


And what have people had to say…

“Abigail Returns is a masterfully complex and intriguing tale of love, loyalty, betrayal and subterfuge that keeps readers on edge from its inception to its conclusion.”

“impossible to put down.”

“I completely loved this book! I never, in a million years, expected the twist within this story. It was incredible and completely unexpected.
When it came to Jamie, I absolutely adored him, I admired the amount of respect that he had for Abigail and how patient he was.
It was very difficult to put down, I was completely consumed by it.”

“This was an unusually quick read as I started reading and then got completely immersed in Abigail’s world and couldn’t put this down.”

“The writing in this story is also quite beautiful, descriptive and vivid”

“A brilliant plot that plays out well, with a dramatic ending that is incredibly satisfying.”

“a brilliant read and one I would likely read again.”

“Took this book on my holidays and absolutely loved it. Right from the start I was completely captured by the life of Abigail and what had happened to make her leave her home in Sky and what pulled her back. Could completely imagine the scenes sitting on the jetty trying to make her choices. Really liked the relationship with Jamie and couldn’t wait to find out what was to become of it. Page turner from the start with an ending full of twists and turns.”


Anna’s Promise – Book Two


Available worldwide from all good bookshops, instore and online.


Anna's Promise Suspenseful Romance Mystery Romance The Maren Bay Series Book Two


The blurb…

Struggling to come to terms with losing her mother, Anna embarks on a journey to uncover the truth about her family and her mother’s hidden past.

And while a letter, a photograph and the Old Lodge lead her back to the Isle of Skye, Anna is shocked to discover the island she had holidayed on so often as a child has been quietly keeping the secrets her mother had left unsaid.

Hamish, handsome, quiet, and moody, seems unnerved by Anna’s presence. Ben, a city slicker, out of place and determined to help Anna in her quest, proves invaluable, but is his presence on the island merely coincidental?

Meanwhile, a newly discovered family member may not be a cause for celebration.

Anna must find the strength and determination needed to fight for what is truly hers, all while wondering if her newly mapped out future is what she truly wants.

A riveting and unmissable novel about new beginnings and the power of love over loss.


And what have people had to say…

‘With captivating, well thought out, written, and portrayed characters, and the stunning backdrop of The Isle Of Skye, coupled with an atmospheric, imaginative, and descriptive storyline. Pauline has created a binge-worthy story.’

‘Pauline’s second book in the Maren Bay Series, Anna’s Promise, is a brilliantly dynamic, cross genre story. Following on perfectly from Abigail’s Return.’

‘Pauline is a passionate and natural storyteller. Seamlessly weaving elements of her first story into Anna’s story. Which creates a sense of cohesion and continuity between the two, which pulls her readers even more deeply into the story she is trying to tell.’

‘Tait has a wonderful writing style that truly pulls you into the story, providing emotional connections and a level of details that truly brings the book to life.’

‘A beautifully written book and a great extension to an already brilliant series.’

‘This book had a bit of everything. A small community with wonderfully written local characters as well as scenery, a mystery, secrets, deception, and romance. There’s also a twist which I didn’t see coming.’

‘I can very easily say this is without a doubt a five-star read, in my opinion.’

‘…an incredible story with an amazing amount of secrets, some of which were incredibly shocking.’

‘I found it to be really gripping. There was a particular part when Anna went inside the Old Lodge for the first time, I found it to be so eerie. It was brilliant.’


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