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The Fairy in the Kettle Trilogy

The Fairy in the Kettle introduces Leona and tells us why she loves living in her unusual home.

Set in Bramble Glen, this illustrated picture book trilogy continues to follow the adventures of Leona and her three best friends, Tilly, Robbie, and Toby.

Aimed at 3 to 7-year-olds, these books are available worldwide and have all received 5-star reviews.


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Book One

The Fairy in the Kettle

“Everything is perfect, from the art to the plot to the words. One of the best children’s books I’ve ever seen.”



Children's Christmas themed picture book

Book Two

The Fairy in the Kettle’s Christmas Wish

“Tait truly created her own Christmastime Myth, which everyone can appreciate!”



Children's picture book picture book illustrated books

Book Three

The Fairy in the Kettle Gets Magical

“This is an astounding children’s book: the pictures are gorgeous and lovely, the story is incredible and the rhymes and stylistic devices make it such a poetic text!”


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