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Welcome to my website!

I’m Pauline Tait, a multi genre author, writing children’s picture books and fiction novels for adults. Here you can keep up to date with my latest news and future projects.

As a Scottish author living and writing in Perthshire, I’m currently working on the production of the final picture book in The Fairy in the Kettle series.  Having received 4 & 5 Star reviews and having been praised for promoting kindness, thoughtfulness and being true to yourself, this series has been a pleasure to write and the little fairy fans I have met along the way at bookshops and events have made writing the series all the more worthwhile. Debbie Bellaby Illustration is currently bringing this story to life through her amazing artwork.

Recently, however, I have also been writing adult fiction and my novel, A Life of Their Own, came out in September 2019:

“When Kate and her children step onto a bus early one Tuesday morning, she knows this is their only chance: their only chance at freedom and at a life of their own. But, can she ensure their safety? Can she ensure they will never be found? This is a feeling that haunts Kate as she and her children begin a new life far from New York, far from their troubled past. But, little did she know that their new life would bring her closer to a different past, a life she had long given up, making her already fragile world more complicated than she could have ever imagined.”

Welcome continued…

My own children have grown up and flown the nest! They are now working and creating their own stories through their lives and ambitions. This new stage in life is allowing me to dedicate my time to writing and promoting my books through events.  My own ambition is to continue writing both children’s picture books and fiction novels for the adults among us.

However, I also have a real passion for encouraging younger children to read and write. It is, after all, the foundation of their learning. Therefore, I use my former experiences in Primary Learning Support to encourage reading when writing and promoting my books.

Member of the Society of Authors and SCBWI

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Photography By Emilie Gray
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