Event Ts&Cs

Event Ts&Cs

School, library, bookshop events, and festivals are always great fun, and details of my T&Cs can be found below:

School Visits

Having worked in Primary Literacy, I love getting back into classrooms through author events and often travel throughout the UK.

I offer two types of author events.


I am more than happy to talk to pupils from nursery level up to Primary 7. Mixing year groups isn’t a problem either.

I read from one of my books before answering any questions the children may have on writing/character structure, finding and working with an illustrator/publisher, what has inspired me to write, getting my books onto bookshelves, marketing, and life as an author.

My aim is to leave children inspired in their own reading and creative writing. With a background in Primary Literacy, where I assessed children from primaries one to seven who needed extra-curricular support then created and delivered individual learning plans to meet their specific needs, I can interact and communicate with children using curriculum language.

Nursery – My talks usually last 30 minutes. But the age range can impact on this greatly and if the children are slightly older and more engaged, I don’t mind if the event runs over. 

Primaries 1 to 7 –  The Q & A session is adaptable to suit the year groups. My events tend to last around 45 minutes. However, I can easily adapt to a timetable that suits you. Whether I talk to classes individually or as a lower/upper primary split is entirely up to you. I find the day is most often split into Nursery, P1&2, P3&4, and P5,6 &7.

I leave fun activity sheets and bookmarks at the end of each event.

I would appreciate being able to make copies of my books available to purchase on the day.  I always discount them when selling through a school or library and I am more than happy to take the time to dedicate and sign each book. And, of course, I bring along bookmarks for the pupils, too.



Includes a creative writing lesson with visual presentation.

Before morning break – I read from one of my books before answering questions as above.

After morning break – Using my visual presentation (which comes on a memory stick), I give a creative writing lesson on creating engaging characters. I find that once children really know their character, their creative writing takes on a whole new lease of life.

It’s then the children’s turn to create their characters using the methods discussed in the creative writing lesson. Depending on ability, they either write a paragraph or two describing their character, write a sentence or two and draw their character, or draw their character and write a few descriptive words that best describes their character.

After Lunch – I bring out the arts and crafts as children bring their newly created characters to life. Many of my arts and crafts vary from what children see in school, and I bring almost everything with me. The only things schools tend to have to bring out is enough glue sticks, scissors and colouring pencils to go around. This afternoon session is optional.


What’s the cost!

Half Day – £250

Full Day – £450

This often includes travel expenses. But if I’m heading way across country, South of the border or taking a ferry to the islands, then I would have to add on traveling expenses. But I will often try and arrange other school visits in the surrounding areas or somewhere along my journey so these costs can be split. Or, if a school can guarantee a certain amount of book sales, these travel costs can often be waived.


I would appreciate being able to make copies of my books available to purchase on the day.  I always discount them when selling through a school or library and I am more than happy to take the time to dedicate and sign each book. And, again, I bring along a bookmark for every child.


I also do a limited number of charitable events each year, within libraries.

Libraries can choose whether this is a story telling with arts & crafts session out with school times or a story telling session followed by a Q & A/chat as mentioned above with visiting primary schools. 


Library Visits

Library visits are always fun, whether a public event or pupils visiting from a nearby school. I usually read one of my books and again answer any questions the children might have. If it’s a public event this is then followed by fairy colouring and crafts. However, if it’s a visiting school, I have colouring sheets and bookmarks that the children can take away.

If you would like more information or to book a library visit please contact me here.


Bookshop Events & Festivals

These events allow me to bring out the arts and crafts. Always relevant to the story, for instance, children have enjoyed making their own fairy wings, wands, and fairy finger puppets.

There are always colouring sheets with images from within the books, these are often a hit with the adults too.

All are enjoyed after story time fun.


If you are interested in an event, would like information on availability and fees, or more information on Event Ts&Cs please contact me here.