About Me

Author image Pauline Tait

My necessity to write has emerged alongside a profound passion to engage and inspire our younger generations to become great readers. I feel strongly that our children are our future, and reading is the fundamental basis of their learning. If focus and encouragement are given during their early years, then the building blocks, which are the foundation to the rest of their learning, are in place. Giving every child the chance to flourish and excel.

My years of experience in working with and assessing children from Primaries one to seven, who needed extra-curricular support, then creating and delivering individual learning plans to meet their specific needs, has only fuelled this passion and has influenced both the writing and the production processes of my picture books. The covers are tactile, while care is given to the internal layouts to ensure they engage and inspire.

It took me just over two decades to go from plot scribbler to published author. I was a Pharmaceutical Technician for just over twenty years before retraining to work with children who needed extra-curricular literacy support. It was during my time working at The Royal School of Dunkeld that I wiped the cobwebs off the manuscript for The Fairy in the Kettle and when my writing took off, I made the decision to give my life long dream of being a successful published author a go. Fortunately, I haven’t looked back.

Honouree Award LogoI also write suspenseful romance and, as with my children’s writing, I want to help and inspire. It is essential to me that emotions and reactions are true to the topics while the landscape and settings are truly authentic.

Now that my children have flown the nest I live and write full time in Perthshire, Scotland. The Scottish countryside never fails to inspire my writing and creativity, so dog walks along the river or up into the hills are a common theme for my husband and I.

Walking, photography and having a full table as our children and their partners fill our home make for the ideal weekend.