Fun Stuff to Download

I created these activities myself, during covid when our schools first went into lockdown, and I must confess I’m no technical wizard. But the feedback so far has been wonderful, which is why I am going to make them a permanent feature on my website.

All activities are related to my books, but you won’t have to have read them to join in the fun. My books, and therefore, the activities are aimed at 4 to 8 year old’s…hopefully, I have provided a varying mix to cover the varying ages. 

You can let me know what you think, share pictures of your children’s finished work, or place comments on my social media platforms. I would love to see what your little ones do with the activities I have uploaded.


Just click on the buttons below…

Colouring Sheets

Criss Cross Puzzles


Word Search Puzzles

Copy and Colour

Fairy Finger Puppets


My years of experience in working with and assessing children from Primaries one to seven, who needed extra-curricular support, then creating and delivering individual learning plans to meet their specific needs, has fuelled my passion to encourage our little ones in their own reading and writing. I feel strongly that our children are our future, and while reading is the fundamental basis of their learning, writing is an essential tool that will help carry them through their school years and beyond.

Using my experiences, and curriculum language, I have created my own ‘Becoming an Author’ article to help primary-aged children expand and grow their writing skills… All they will need is a skeleton!

Becoming an Author - Primary stage