Fairy Finger Puppets

For younger children, there are fairy finger puppets to be made. You will need:


Colouring pencils

Children’s scissors or an adult to help cut out your puppet

A glue stick

A lollipop stick – this is optional as they will also fit on the end of a finger

Click here to download your very own fairy finger puppet template



Now follow the instructions on the template

Your little ones can enjoy recreating characters from The Fairy in the Kettle series or they can create their very own.

You will see happy fairy fans below showing off their finished puppets at one of my Waterstones events.



*I can take no credit for these. The template is widely available on the internet and it was the lovely Carmen at Waterstones in Aberdeen that first introduced me to them. But, as they have been such a hit and enjoyed by so many little fairy fans at my events, I just had to include them.