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I was thrilled to be featured, yet again, by Portobello Book Blog.

#ThreeTwoOne quick-fire questions…


Tell me THREE things about your latest book

Following on from the success of Abigail Returns, Anna’s Promise is the second in The Maren Bay series.

Once again, readers will be transported to some of my favourite locations on the Isle of Skye.

Staffin, a picturesque village north of Portree.

Brother’s Point, a favourite walk of ours, which, incidentally, isn’t too far from Staffin.

And the town of Portree itself.

Anna’s Promise falls under Romantic Suspense but I would also describe it as a suspenseful mystery.


Tell me about TWO of the characters in your book

Anna has felt lost since the death of her mother. But with love and support from her mother’s two best friends, she has managed to build a successful photography business and carve a small path for herself in a lonely world.

The discovery of the wooden box and its mysterious contents is enough to encourage Anna to delve into her mother’s side of the family. A journey that will at times exacerbate her feelings of loneliness as she grapples to come to terms with her mother’s painful past. But strong and determined, Anna clings to the hope that there is more for her on the Isle of Skye than the stunning scenery and friends she has made along the way…

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