Diary & Upcoming Events

Events are always fun, whether school or library visits, festivals or bookshops. My picture books are perfect events for 3 to 8-year-olds, making them ideal for lower primary visits. Although, I also enjoy visiting upper primaries, where we focus more on being a writer, the writing process, finding an illustrator and publisher, getting books into books shops, and life as an author.


Creative Writing Lessons

I also give creative writing lessons within schools. These are usually aimed at primaries, 2, 3 & 4 and can be a half or whole day event.


Half day

Before morning break I read from one of my books and answer questions on writing, publishing, and life as an author. After morning break, I give my creative writing lesson on creating engaging characters. This is visual, I will come armed with my PowerPoint.

The children then go on to create and write about or draw their own character. This is differentiated to ensure inclusion of all pupils. 


Full day

The morning is as above. After lunchtime, I bring out the arts and crafts. These are supplies I bring along myself so they differ from what the children see in the classroom. The children then bring the characters they created during the morning’s creative writing lesson to life. I often keep this part of the day a surprise, not telling the children until they come back into class in the afternoon and see my supplies sitting ready.

I don’t share details of my creative writing lesson here for obvious reasons. But, what I can say, is that it’s always a hit with teachers… many of whom have requested to downloaded a copy for themselves.

Please do get in touch if you would like to organise a school visit.


And who am I to give a creative writing lesson….


After years working with and assessing children from primaries one to seven who needed extra-curricular literacy support, then creating and delivering individual learning plans to meet their specific needs, I love getting back into schools to encourage and inspire our younger generations.

 My experiences have influenced both the writing and the production processes of my picture books. The covers are tactile, while care is given to the internal layouts to ensure they engage and inspire.

My necessity to write has emerged alongside a profound passion to encourage our younger generations to become great readers. I feel strongly that our children are our future, and reading is the fundamental basis of their learning. If focus and encouragement are given during their early years then the building blocks, which are the foundation to the rest of their learning, are in place. Giving every child the chance to flourish and excel.


More information, including costs, can be found on the Event Ts&Cs page.