• Mom's Favorite Reads March 2023 edition The Power of The Picture Book by Pauline Tait Author
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    The Power of the Picture Book – as published in Mom’s Favorite Reads March 2023 edition

    My article from the Kids Carousel section of the March 2023 edition of #1 international online magazine, Mom’s Favorite Reads, can be read in full below.   The Power of the Picture Book by Pauline Tait (Novelist & Children’s Author) Picture books have the power to enrapture children. To feed their imaginations and ignite their creativity. All while momentarily transporting them to distant worlds. Whether fiction or non-fiction, a picture book can be powerful, educate, instil morals, and send positive messages all while introducing friendly, loveable, inspiring characters children will adore. Equally, a villain in a story can encourage empathy. As children cheer on the underdog, willing them to overcome their…