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Anna's Promise Suspenseful Romance Mystery Romance The Maren Bay Series Book Two

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Becca Scammell – @she_loves_to_read via Instagram and Amazon


‘A brilliantly bingeworthy read!

Pauline’s second book in the Maren Bay Series, Anna’s Promise, is a brilliantly dynamic, cross genre story. Following on perfectly from Abigail’s Return.

I really enjoy Pauline’s easy and fluid writing style, which forms an instant connection with her readers. Drawing them into Anna’s story with an all-encompassing ease. With captivating, well thought out, written, and portrayed characters, and the stunning backdrop of The Isle Of Skye, coupled with an atmospheric, imaginative, and descriptive storyline. Pauline has created a binge-worthy story featuring generational trauma, second chances, loyalty, betrayal, love, loss, deception, romance, intrigue, suspense, mystery, thrills, drama, and the importance of family, friends and community when trying to heal old wounds whilst living in the moment and trying to forget a future.

Pauline is a passionate and natural storyteller. Seamlessly weaving elements of her first story into Anna’s story. Which creates a sense of cohesion and continuity between the two, which pulls her readers even more deeply into the story she is trying to tell.

If you didn’t already guess, I loved it and can’t wait to read more.

If you love a story that encompasses elements of romance, intrigue, mystery, drama, and thrills. Then this story should be on your TBR.’


The Book Elf

I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in The Maren Bay series set on the Isle of Skye, which is one of the most beautiful settings on the planet as far as I am concerned.

The storyline draws you in right from the start, pulling you further and further into Anna’s life and the people she encounters as it progresses.

I was also really pleased to encounter Abigail and Jamie again, from book one of the series Abigail’s Return, and find out have they have moved on since. This series is turning out to be one of those lovely ones where you start to feel that you know the characters personally and you know this relationship with them will deepen even more as the series progresses and more characters are drawn into the fold.

Pauline’s skill in bringing them to life and keeping you eagerly turning the pages never fails. The added bonus is the wonderful description of the crofts and the island to enhance your visual imagery and I , for one, will be looking for all these places when i next visit.

The only issue for me now is ” When will the third book in the series be published” . In the meantime do like I did, block yourself some “Me time ” snuggle up and devour the book in one complete sitting whilst escaping to the beautiful Isle of Skye.


Book_A_Holic Via Instagram

How excited was I when I spotted this book!

I’d read Abigail Returns by this author last year and remembered how beautiful a read it was – so when I spotted this (with a similar name) I was so excited to see if this was a continuation of the story. And this is indeed – the second book in the Maren Bay Series.

Well, I thought that the last book was a quicker read than expected and this one, being connected and at only just over 200 pages – I literally devoured it in only 2 sittings – (and that second was because I had to stop to take my son to his exam!!)

This story continues on from book 1 nicely and I was instantly immersed back into the beautiful flowing storyline.
I was transported back to Skye and ready for this next chapter.

Once again, Pauline creates a set of characters that really jump off the page and makes it really easy to empathise with them as the story unfolds.

Having lost her mother, Anna set out on a journey to find the truth about her mother’s last – with only a letter and photo to guide her, until she arrives on Skye.

Hamish and Ben were a tricky couple to work out at first and I found myself flipping my theories of who to trust as we moved through the book.

There were quite a few themes explored here but at the forefront, the importance of community and family or friends – having that support unit to help guide you through your own healing process.

Having loved this as much as the first book, I am really hoping that there will be more to come from this series. I can’t wait to see what might come next.


@NaturalBri_Books Via Instagram

‘This is the second book in this series, after Abigail Returns, which I really enjoyed. Tait has a wonderful writing style that truly pulls you into the story, providing emotional connections and a level of details that truly brings the book to life. 

This second read was the perfect extension to the first book. It is set on the Isle of Skye, which already sets a stunning backdrop for the book, and Pauline really does the Isle justice with her descriptive writing and ability to bring words to life, which makes it so easy to picture all the pieces of the story. 

I loved the characters and the emotions they went through, the interesting interactions and turns the story took. It was truly a tale that kept you interested and keen throughout.

Overall, a beautifully written book and a great extension to an already brilliant series.’


@stratospherekawaiigirl Via Instagram

‘This book had a bit of everything. A small community with wonderfully written local characters as well as scenery, a mystery, secrets, deception, and romance. There’s also a twist which I didn’t see coming.

I loved the catch up with Abigail and Jamie this story gave us. I enjoyed their harrowing story in Abigail Returns the first book in this series.

I hope there will be more books in this series to come as I’ve enjoyed both books so far.’


Aly @twoladiesandabook via Instagram

‘After reading Abigail Returns, and absolutely loving it. I was very keen to start this one.

Pauline has an incredible talent with shocking the reader. Considering it’s a shorter book than average, it still manages to have an incredible story with an amazing amount of secrets, some of which were incredibly shocking.

I found it to be really gripping. There was a particular part when Anna went inside the Old Lodge for the first time, I found it to be so eerie. It was brilliant.

So I can very easily say this is without a doubt a five-star read, in my opinion. I’m very keen to read more by Pauline.’



This is book 2 in the Maren Bay Series, they are companion novels so although it would read well as a stand-alone I would recommend picking up the first one, just so you have a bit of back story about the area and the other characters in the book.

In this one we’re following Anna who after the death of her mother is being led back to Isle of Skye in search of answers, what she doesn’t expect if for the journey to lead her down several paths with different people leaving her not knowing who to trust and who is telling the truth.

The writing is beautiful and really draws you in this was a 2 sitting read for me because I just needed to know what happened.. (would have been a one sitting read if I didn’t have to put it down to go to work😂).

The characters are well written & feel realistic and believable, we could feel Anna’s doubt and anxiety about certain situations coming through the pages!

The story as a whole is emotional and leaves quite an impact, there were times within the book that left me tearing up because I resonated with Anna and what she was feeling so much.

I’ll be honest, this isn’t a series I would’ve picked up without the help of the blog tours but it is absolutely one I would recommended and cannot wait to continue!


Annie C
‘Didn’t Want it to end.
Loved the characters and the gently unfolding story.
Sharon @twoladiesandabook via Instagram

I absolutely loved the first book so as soon as I saw this one I knew I had to read it and it did not disappoint this is the perfect follow up to the first book and just as enjoyable.

This time Anna is trying to cope and move on after the death of her mother. She is on the Isle of skye and trying to figure out some family history. And there is a lot to discover. The beautiful descriptions of the area are also amazing and make you feel like you are there.

There story has a bit of everything mystery, intrigue, and love.

If you have read book1 read this if you haven’t then why not lol grab yourself a copy and get immersed in Anna’s story you won’t regret it.

@skbookwormfever via Twitter

The author did a good job in developing the characters in a short space, Anna’s story is strong and she is now on healing journey whilst trying to uncover some truths. Family and friendships and those around her play a big part which makes a big impact to the plot. 

I really liked how the author touched on generational trauma and the way it can impact you, even after second chances were given a few times!

The story goes through mystery, intrigue, spot of romance and lots of drama which is perfect in this moment. The perfect back drop of The Isle of Skye adds that extra atmosphere and rounds the book off. 


@Fictionophile Via Twitter

A romance story, but more. “Anna’s Promise” is a love affair with Skye. A novel about human connection, belonging, generational trauma, and topophilia. This is the second story in the Maren Bay series, but it can easily be read as a stand-alone. Abigail of the first book is mentioned in this one briefly as a good friend of Anna. It is the setting that makes this a series, the plots are not sequential.

Will Anna find the familial connection that she desperately longs for? You’ll just have to read “Anna’s Promise” to find out.

Lovers of books with idyllic settings, empathetic characters, and family secrets will enjoy this novel.


Handwritten Girl

This was a lovely story, filled with drama, mystery, handsome and undesirable strangers. Anna is drawn to Ben, a man who’s family is connected to hers but as she delves into her family’s past, she is unsure if Ben is the person he has led her to believe, whilst rough and ready Hamish, is looking out for Anna in his own stand-offish way… Beautifully written ‘Anna’s Promise’ is a charming and nostalgic story about family bonds, reconnecting and new beginnings.

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