Fun Stuff to Download

When the UK entered its first lockdown due to Coronavirus, resulting in school closures, I created a new page on my website;  full of ‘Fun Stuff to Download’. My aim was to help parents and children, in what little way I could, through the difficult weeks and months that were inevitably going to follow.

The activities all relate to my books but you won’t have to have read them to join in. My books, and therefore, the activities are aimed at 4 to 8 year old’s…hopefully I have provided a varying mix to cover the varying ages. 

I have created these activities myself and must confess I am no technical wizard, but the feedback so far has been wonderful, which is why I am going to make them a permanent feature on my website. You can let me know what you think, share pictures of your children’s finished work, or place comments on my social media platforms. I would love to see what your little ones do with the activities I have uploaded.

Just click on the relevant tab when you hover over Fun Stuff to Download.