Event T&Cs

Event T&Cs – School, library, bookshop events and festivals are always great fun and details of my T&Cs can be found below:

School and Library visits

  • I am more than happy to talk to pupils from nursery level up to Primary 7. Mixing year groups isn’t a problem either. My talks last from 30 minutes for Nursery to 40 minutes/1 hour for older children . However, I can easily adapt to a timetable that suits. Whether I talk to classes individually or as a lower/upper primary split is entirely up to yourselves.
  • I read from one of my books before answering any questions the children may have on writing structure, finding an illustrator/publisher, what has inspired me to write, getting my books onto bookshelves and marketing.
  • My aim is to leave children inspired to write. My background is in pharmacy and latterly in primary pupil support so not what the pupils might expect for an author……reiterating that anyone can write.
  • I would appreciate being able to make copies of my books available to purchase on the day.  I usually discount them when selling through a school or library and I am more than happy to take the time to dedicate and sign each book.

Bookshop Events & Festivals

  • These events allow me to bring out the arts and crafts. Always relevant to the story, children have enjoyed making their own fairy wings, fairy wands and fairy finger puppets.
  • There are always colouring sheets with images from within the books, these are often a hit with the parents too.
  • All are enjoyed after story time fun.

If you are interested in an event, would like information on availability and fees or more information on Event T&Cs please contact me here.


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