Abigail Returns (book one in the Maren Bay Series)


It has been an eventful week, to say the least, with the arrival of paperback copies of Abigail Returns, all while it enjoyed being #1 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases for financial thrillers. It has also been enjoying being in the top #10 in several other rankings lists.


Abigail ReturnsPauline Tait author Novelist #1 Hot New Release
Abigail Returns paperback


And if you have have not yet discovered Abigail Returns, let me tease you with the blurb and a little more info…

With just over a decade missing to Dissociative Amnesia, and a newly broken heart, Abigail finds herself with no choice but to return to Lochside. The supposedly idyllic home on the Isle of Skye she had fled so dramatically six years before.

And while struggling to find her way in a world she can’t recall, she must battle the conflicts of the present with the shocking secrets she uncovers from her past.

Jamie’s support is invaluable, but how much does he know? Greg is loving and attentive, but does he have an ulterior motive?

Meanwhile, the presence of a stranger on the island shakes Abigail to her very core. With no memory, she can only trust her instincts as she strives to build a life and a future she can call her own.

But Abigail soon discovers the stranger’s trail leads far too close to home.

A riveting novel about new beginnings and second chances.



Shivering, she allowed the island and its painfully familiar sounds and smells to embrace her, wrapping around her as though her grandmother had just swaddled a comforting blanket around her tense, cold shoulders.


And, as the moonlight shimmered across the darkness of the hypnotic water, her thoughts were transported back in time, to her early childhood and the only years at Lochside she could recall.


Images flashed before her. Closing her eyes, Abigail could see herself as a young child. Swimming, giggling, splashing: happy!


Yes, for a short while she’d been happy here, before she’d realised her mother was never coming back for her. Then it’d become the loneliest place on the planet.


Travel to the stunning Scottish Isle of Skye in this captivating suspenseful mystery that isn’t short on romance.


This riveting novel about new beginnings and second chances is an unmissable page-turner that finds Abigail battling the conflicts of the present with secrets from her past.


“I love the author’s writing so addictive.” – Amazon Customer


‘A brilliant plot that plays out well, with a dramatic ending that is incredibly satisfying.’ – Lis McDermott


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