I am a former Learning Support Assistant and am more than happy to do school and library visits as well as bookshop and festival events. If you are interested in any of these please get in touch using the Contact Me page.

School Visits

Nursery to P3 – I read the book and then take questions from the children, these are usually around the story and illustrations.

P4 to P7 – I have had great success with the older children, I still read the story to them but ask them to think about the structure, spot the twist in the middle and so on. I then chat to them about everything from structuring and writing a story, finding a publisher and illustrator onto marketing the final product.

Given my background I do this in language that suits the curriculum and usually find that because it is language the children are comfortable with they really open up and engage.

Some feedback from Stanley Primary School in Perthshire:

“The kids and staff really enjoyed your visit! We had a parent council meeting tonight and a P7 boy spoke about how much he had enjoyed your visit! He had thought it would be babyish as the book is about fairies! He had learned loads! Thank you for taking the time to visit us today.”

From Coupar Angus Primary School in Perthshire:

“Pauline read so beautifully‚Äč to the children in Coupar Angus Nursery, P1 & P2 they all listened intently and asked interesting questions. They loved to hear how, the book was made and the illustrations were done, some children tried some pictures of their own. They were really happy to get a book mark to take home and remembered the visit by playing in the fairy corner and looking at pictures. My 8 year old talked about her school visit too and she can’t wait for the next book.”

From Inch View Primary School in Perth:

“Had a marvelous visit from Pauline Tait at our school, Inch View primary, the children absolutely loved it. Pauline was also kind enough to answer the children s questions and gave them colouring in sheets and book marks to take home.”

Library Visits

Library visits are great fun, I usually read my book and again answer any questions the children might have followed by fairy colouring and activities.

Festivals and Bookshop Events

These are great fun with lots of Fairy Fun activities.


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